There's not much you can do about preventing or reducing stretch marks, but you can relieve your itchy belly with these six easy steps.

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___ Rub on a thick, rich moisturizer (like cocoa butter) each night before bed. It'll soak in overnight, leaving your skin soft and ditching the dryness that triggers itchiness.

___ Wear super-soft natural fabrics -- like cotton, cashmere and silk -- instead of scratchy wools or heavy denims, which can make the itching worse.

___ Go for undies, pants and skirts that rest under your belly. The up-and-over granny types can cause too much rubbing and irritation.

___ Drink plenty of water, which will keep all of you hydrated -- skin included.

___ Avoid soaking in a hot tub; it'll zap your skin's moisture. However, taking a warm bath with a soothing oatmeal mix (like Aveeno) can help.

___ Humidify! Spending a lot of time in a central-heated or air-conditioned space can dry out your birthday suit. Consider buying a humidifier to send some moisture back into the air, which'll help your belly stay hydrated too.

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