5 Ways to Look Great During Pregnancy

You'll look great with these easy beauty solutions.

Try these tips to help you look your best during every trimester of your pregnancy.

1. Keep it simple. Don't overaccessorize or overdo your outfits when you're pregnant -- the focus should be on your radiant glow! Stick to clean, simple lines and classic cuts. Don't wear large or busy patterns that overwhelm your curvy frame. Instead, opt for solid colors and add a patterned scarf or fun jewelry for interest.

2. Accentuate the positive. One of the best side effects of pregnancy is an accentuated -- or for some women a newfound -- voluptuousness. Dare to wear a slightly lower neckline than usual, or a blouse that clings. Take pride in your beautiful pregnant body.

3. Revolutionalize your hair. Try a new hairstyle to go with your new body. If you have long hair, you may opt to cut it short. It will be easier to care for and will draw attention to your eyes and face. If you've got short or medium hair, try growing it out so you can experiment with fun upsweeps, braiding, combs, and hair clips.

4. Improve your posture. With all the changes in weight and gravity your body is going through, you may develop a bit of a slouch as your pregnancy progresses. Avoid the tendency to push your hips far forward and slouch your shoulders, or to stick your belly out and throw your shoulders back as you walk. These postures can cause back strain. Instead, keep your hips and shoulders in line as you walk, and keep your back straight by tucking a pillow behind you when you sit.

5. Nurture the radiance. Moisturize daily and gently exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to keep your skin glowing and smooth. Protect your skin now more than ever from the sun's harmful rays by using a gentle sunscreen on your face and all exposed body parts whenever you'll be out in the sun.

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