Q: My first daughter was born 17 months ago and I'm having a second child next year in March. For my first pregnancy, my breasts were already sore at this point in time, but for my second pregnancy, they haven't been swollen or sore.  I am also confused and worried about my breasts not growing.  (I've heard the baby's heartbeat, so I know that my baby's ok.)  Is this bad or abnormal?

A: Every pregnancy has its unique symptoms.  Just because you had sore breasts early on in your first pregnancy does not mean you will in your second or third pregnancy. Breast pain does tend to be more severe and pronounced in a woman's first pregnancy because it is the start of the final stage of breast maturation and development in a woman's lifetime.  Most likely, your breasts won't experience rapid growth or pain until you start to lactate again.

Answered by Dr. Marra Francis