What can I do to ease the pain in my tail bone?

Q: My tail bone has been hurting a lot. How can I deal with it?

A: Tail bone (or sacral) pain is normal in pregnancy, especially towards the end of the third trimester. Your body produces a hormone called "relaxin" that helps the joints of your pelvis spread to facilitate vaginal birth. Women who have a history of back problems or who are overweight can often feel lower back and tail bone discomfort earlier in the pregnancy.

There are some simple things that you can do to try and help. First of all, try to avoid sitting on hard surfaces for long periods of time - some women will even try sitting on an inflatable ring to avoid any direct pressure on the end of the tail bone. A heating pad or a warm soak in the tub can provide some relief. Recommended amounts of Tylenol can give short periods of relief. A healthy and pregnancy-acceptable exercise routine or gentle stretching can help sore pelvic muscles. And, some women find relief from a maternity support belt which helps lessen the weight directly on the pelvic bones and muscles. Always make sure you tell your doctor about any pain or unusual symptoms you are having so the two of you can come up with the best solution.

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Answered by Dr. Marra Francis

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