6 Pregnancy Weight Tracker Apps We Love

These pregnancy weight gain apps make it easy to stay organized and informed during those nine exciting months.

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Well before you conceive, you may be preparing for the weight gain that's inevitably going to come with pregnancy. Experts encourage women to gain weight slowly and steadily throughout the three trimesters and to keep weight within a healthy range, depending on their body type (which might factor in your pre-pregnancy weight and height).

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) says that women who gain the recommended number of pounds during pregnancy decrease health risks to themselves and their baby. That said, many expectant moms will find it helpful to track their weight on their smartphone.

Thankfully, there are several pregnancy weight tracking apps, which offer a range of features to help you stay healthy and informed. Here, six options to consider:

1. Pregnancy +

This popular app available on iOS and Android allows you to track several aspects along the way: your L.O.'s kicks, as well as your weight gain. It also offers useful info like specifics on your baby's growth, so you can see what they look like in every phase.

2. Pregnancy Pounds

Specifically geared toward tracking weight, Pregnancy Pounds, available on iOS, allows you to calculate and track your weight with a detailed week-by-week assessment of your target weight. You can log and visualize your progress on a visual timeline, overlaying the ideal weight range for immediate feedback on your progress and also refer to weekly and trimester ranges for ideal weight gain.

3. Pregnancy Weight Tracker Lite

Available on iOS for iPhone and iPad, Pregnancy Weight Tracker Lite helps you track pre-pregnancy weight and weight gain on weekly basis.

4. Sprout - Pregnancy

Sprout - Pregnancy for iOS not only features a weight tracker but fetal developmental charts and timelines, to-do lists, a kick counter, and a contraction timer.

5. CineMama

CineMama is a unique pregnancy app, available on iOS and created by March of Dimes, which aims to help you take the best bump photo possible with the help of a belly grid and photo editor. But it also includes a tracker for weight gain and other cool bells and whistles, like the ability to record memories in a diary feature.

6. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

The Ovia Pregnancy Tracker, available for iOS and Android, was created to help moms-to-be stay healthy on multiple levels. The app gives you personalized feedback based on your age, BMI, and history and then syncs with a fitness tracker. There's also a food log, and you can ask the app to send reminders to take your prenatal supplements.

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