Prenatal Vitamins

Are you taking a prenatal vitamin? Here you'll learn what to look for when shopping for a pregnancy multiple vitamin, how and when to take it, and more.

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All About Prenatal Vitamins — Your Questions Answered
So are prenatal vitamins really that good for you during pregnancy? In a nutshell: Yes. Our experts are here to answer your questions when it comes to making sure you're getting the nutrients you and baby need.
The Best Prenatal Vitamin Options for Moms
From prenatal chocolates and yummy gummies to multivitamins customized for each trimester, you've never had more prenatal vitamin options. We're here to help you find the best one.
New Study Reveals Folic Acid Isn't the Only Vitamin That May Cut Birth Defects
New research found that vitamin B3 may potentially reduce the risk of birth defects and prevent miscarriages in pregnant women.
Iron and Pregnancy: Why You Need It, How Much, and How to Get It
Iron is a crucial mineral needed during pregnancy. Here's why and how to get enough for you and your developing baby.
Taking Vitamin D While Pregnant May Not Lower Baby's Risk of Asthma
New studies show vitamin D does not lower the odds for asthma in babies, contrary to previous belief.
Here's What a Good Prenatal Vitamin Should Have
Everything you need to know about picking a prenatal pill with the DHA, folic acid, and other vitamins to help you and baby thrive. 

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