Pregnancy Do's and Don'ts: Health and Exercise

How to eat right, exercise safely, eliminate stress, and protect your growing baby during pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Exercise

Exercise is not only safe during most pregnancies, but it also may ease many pregnancy discomforts and possibly shorten your labor and delivery and recovery time.

The Do’s of Pregnancy Exercise

The Don'ts of Pregnancy Exercise

Staying Healthy

Expert prenatal care from a doctor or licensed midwife sets the stage for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

The Do’s of Pregnancy Health

The Don'ts of Pregnancy Health

Mental Health During Pregnancy

Research suggests that stress—both chronic (from lack of money or marital conflict, for example) and sudden or acute stress (from an accident or loss of a job, say)—can contribute to premature birth, low birth weight, and problems with fetal development. Signs that your stress level is too high include constant fatigue and worry, feeling out of control, and being overactive.

The Do’s of Pregnancy Mental Health

The Don'ts of Pregnancy Mental Health

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