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What you eat, how often you exercise, and how much you sleep are pillars to enjoying a healthy pregnancy. Here you'll find tips and expert advice to guide you to a healthy pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Can Be Triggering for People With a History of Eating Disorders
For pregnant people who struggle with an eating disorder, the three trimesters can be challenging. Here's what experts suggest.
2 Maternity Medical Bills Dropped My Credit Score 150 Points—Here's How I Recovered
Health insurance companies deny payment for nearly one quarter of the bills they receive, forcing patients to foot the bill themselves. It happened to me—because of my pregnancy.
Pregnant People Aren't 'Over' COVID-19—Let's Not Overlook Their Boundaries
Redditor wonders if it would have been better to be pregnant during the early part of the pandemic instead of now. Either way, boundaries are key.
What Are Montgomery's Tubercles?
Montgomery's tubercles are one of the more common breast changes during pregnancy. Here's everything you need to know about these harmless bumps on the areola.
Protein in Urine During Pregnancy: What It Means and When to Worry
Some people experience high protein in urine during pregnancy. When it's accompanied by high blood pressure, it's likely a sign of preeclampsia. Here's what expectant parents need to know.

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I'm as pro-vaccine as you can get, but even I had reservations about getting the COVID-19 vaccine while pregnant. Here's why I ultimately chose to do it—and why I couldn't be happier I did.
Pregnant People Can Have a False Positive HIV Test & Here's Why

Regular testing for HIV is part of pregnancy these days, which bumps up the chance you might get a false-positive result. Experts explain why that can happen.