Pregnancy Health

What you eat, how often you exercise, and how much you sleep are pillars to enjoying a healthy pregnancy. Here you'll find tips and expert advice to guide you to a healthy pregnancy.

17 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Follow these simple pregnancy tips on safety and nutrition to stay healthy throughout the nine months before your baby arrives.

What Vaccines Do You Need Before and During Pregnancy?

Make sure to protect yourself and your baby by getting the right vaccines before, during, and after your pregnancy.

Safe Tips to Treat Headaches During Pregnancy

Head off pregnancy headaches with these safe solutions.

Which Medications Are Safe During Pregnancy?

While you can continue use of most medications during your pregnancy, there are a few you have to watch out for. Here are some healthy alternatives to soothe those pregnancy aches and pains.

5 Foods All Pregnant Women Need

These healthy snacks will help provide plenty of important nutrients for pregnancy, including vitamic C, folic acid and calcium.

Risks of Eating the Placenta

Thinking of ingesting your baby's onetime lifeline? Before you dig in, discover the risks involved in this practice.

Pregnancy Eating: What's Safe, What's Not

It's the one time you're actually supposed to eat more--and yet it suddenly seems like every food is off limits. Here, the final word on which foods to skip and which ones are A-OK during pregnancy.

Zika Virus: Everything Pregnant Women Should Know

This mosquito-borne illness can threaten your unborn baby's health. Here's what you need to know about the Zika virus.

Must-Have Apps for a Healthy Pregnancy

Now that you're pregnant, your health is doubly important -- you're taking care of two now. Keep safety rules straight, find ways to de-stress, choose the right foods to eat, learn safe workouts, and more with our favorite apps for a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms You Can't Ignore

These signs warrant a call to the doctor.

Tips for Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain

New research shows that gaining too much can be harmful to you and your baby. Follow our smart tips to maintain a weight that's healthy for you both.

6 Hidden Home Hazards During Pregnancy

Before you got pregnant, you probably never thought twice about polishing your nails or changing kitty litter. While most products are generally not harmful, here are a few you should be wary of.

What's Normal During Early Pregnancy?

Some seemingly weird symptoms are very normal when you're expecting a baby. Here's how to navigate your early pregnancy.

The Importance of Glucose Testing

This simple test looks for potential cases of gestational diabetes, to help prevent complications in your pregnancy.

Your First Prenatal Visit and Tests

Learn how your doctor will confirm your pregnancyaand what else will happen at your first prenatal visit.

Prenatal Yoga: An Introduction

Practicing yoga is a wonderful way to stay limber and toned throughout your pregnancy. It can also promote better balance and circulation, as well as help relieve stress and typical pregnancy aches and pains. Leggings by Ingrid & Isabel Tank by Destination Maternity

Breast Changes Before and After Baby

Here's how your breasts keep changing through pregnancy and after.

Is It Safe to Exercise During Pregnancy?

Good news for women who want to exercise during pregnancy: It won't harm your baby, and your body will tell you when it's time to slow down.

The Benefits of Walking for Pregnant and New Moms

Attention, both expecting and new moms. Get in shape just by putting one foot in front of the other.

How to Get to Sleep When You're Pregnant

You need sleep, but your burgeoning belly didn't get the memo. Snooze comfortably with these bedtime solutions.

Mom's Vitamin D Levels During Pregnancy May Affect Autism Risk

Taking vitamin D supplements during the first trimester of pregnancy may prevent autism traits in newborns, according to a new study conducted on mice.

Can You Take Your Placenta Home From The Hospital?

It may be easy to hold on to your placenta at home, but the hospital may be less willing to let you bring it home. Find out why.

Health Secrets for New Moms

When you're expecting or caring for an infant, it's more important than ever to be hale and hearty. Supercharge your immunity with these smart tips.