Here's why moms who've just given birth can't stop raving about mesh underwear.

By Maressa Brown
December 31, 2018
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Postpartum Underwear.jpg

Moms everywhere can't stop raving about the must-have postpartum accessory: postpartum mesh underwear. Sure, it's anything but glamorous, but these undergarments, which you'll get soon after giving birth, are extremely practical. And because they make those first few days of postpartum life so much easier, women have been writing odes to the "life-changing underwear." 

"They are amazing," Colleen Temple recently opined on Motherly. "They sort of look like a hair net at first, but then you open them up and boom! They're underwear. ... They aren't pretty. And honestly, postpartum life isn't always either. It can be raw and tiring and foggy. You're figuring it all out and learning as you go. But just like beauty can be found in these unattractive undies, it can also be found in this wild yet wonderful moment in time."

Even Ali Wong and Chrissy Teigen have made public declarations of their love for the mesh undies. In an Instagram post shared not long after giving birth to her second L.O., Miles, Teigen gave Wong props for her Netflix comedy special and rocked a pair, which the celeb moms referred to as "Asian pear underwear."

Meanwhile, Romper's Samantha Darby sung the praises of the panties, explaining, "Let me tell you something about these mesh underwear — they are everything you want in underwear — without the constriction — while you're recovering from either major abdominal surgery or pushing an actual human being out of your vagina. They're not actually supportive in the way you imagine undies to be — they don't hold your butt up in a great shape or make you feel smooth under a pencil skirt. Instead, they're basically a giant net to hold those enormous maxi-pads you'll need after delivery, but they stretch over your hips and even part of your mid-section so you feel supported enough."

And Allison Chawla wrote on The Huffington Post, "I even called a different girlfriend and asked her if she had experienced these panties, and she responded 'Oh yes! The mesh underwear! They are huge and start at your belly button and go all the way up to the top of your butt crack!'"

Back in 2016, Edan Lepucki wrote a tribute to the mesh undies on The Cut, explaining, "To a young, healthy person like myself, this underwear is part novelty, part revelation. It’s disposable, for one. That’s right, you heard me: Disposable. Underwear. I was delighted the first time I saw them. Made of a soft, breathable netting that expanded to fit over my hips, they were incredibly comfortable. Also, because postpartum bleeding required me to straddle huge, mortifying maxi pads like I was in seventh grade again, they were practical: The underwear held the pads secure, and if something did leak, the whole mess could be tossed into the trash, forgotten forever. The underwear’s high-waisted fit made me feel like a 1950s pinup girl, and sometimes I deluded myself into believing they were flattering."

Given their practicality and the feeling of security they so clearly give women who've just given birth, it's obvious that stocking up on postpartum mesh underwear is a must for any new mom. Thankfully, if you miss the op to stock up at the hospital, they're available for purchase on Amazon, as well as medical supply websites