If surgery seems extreme, consider one of these in-office dermatological procedures to get rid of loose post-baby belly skin. (Yes, they work!)

illustration of mom wearing crop top pushing stroller with friend
Credit: Stephanie DeAngelis

Dealing with post-baby pudge? Your dermatologist actually may be able to help in more ways than you thought. These three procedures offered in-office are proven to get rid of pregnancy belly fat — no anesthesia required.

Zap Your Fat.

If you have noticeable bulges of unwanted fat that you’d like to get rid of—including around your belly—then you’re a candidate for a body-contouring treatment that freezes (try CoolSculpting, $2,000 to $4,000 per treatment plan) or heats (try SculpSure, starts at $1,300) fat cells. The treatments are only mildly uncomfortable, and there is no downtime for recovery. It may take a few sessions to see results.

Supercharge Your Muscles.

In a 30-minute session (ideally, you’ll do four within two weeks), the BTL Emsculpt uses high-frequency electromagnetic energy to contract your abdominal muscles. It’s the equivalent of 20,000 crunches or 20,000 squats, says dermatologic surgeon Dendy Engelman, M.D. Studies have shown an 11 percent decrease in diastasis recti and a 23 percent fat reduction over a six-month period. Cost: up to $1,000 per session.

Tighten Your Skin.

Devices that use radio-frequency energy (such as Thermage, $2,500) stimulate the cells in the deeper layers of your skin to produce more collagen, which can help to firm skin. Results can take about six months to materialize.