Postpartum Exercise: Tips For New Moms

Ready to get back in shape? Find out how long you should wait after giving birth before beginning a postpartum exercise routine.


How soon you can start exercising postpartum is really dependent upon you and your physician. Now, your physician is gonna have to give you the green light before you start doing any exercise. For most of us at six weeks after a vaginal delivery, but for a C-section or cesarean, it can be a lot longer. So, listen to your body, be patient, know that it took you nine months, ten months to carry that baby. So, you have another nine to ten months to take off the baby weight. You can start gently with some Kegel's, with some pelvic floor exercises soon after giving birth, and then do some baby bridges on the floor, start taking some nice gentle walks. And again, talk to your physician. Once he gives you the green light to go for it, you can do it.

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