Think moms snap back as though nothing changed at all right after giving birth? Think again. This new mom is here to set the record straight on what it's like.
Woman and Newborn Right After Giving Birth
Credit: Lolostock/Shutterstock

Back in the day, moms used to remain tight-lipped about how long-lasting the effects of childbirth really are. Maybe it was an attempt to keep to-be moms from freaking out about what was to come, or maybe it had everything to do with the unfair idea that moms shouldn't complain when they've been given the world's greatest gift. 

Whatever the case may be, that's changing. More and more new mothers are coming forward to discuss the 'taboo' sides of pregnancy and childbirth, from unfiltered post-baby body shots to brave admissions about postpartum depression. And now, new mom and My Little Sunshine and Me blogger Chloe Williams is getting real about the things women experience in the aftermath of delivery.

From using the bathroom for the first time (ouch) to the way your belly doesn't magically flatten out after you pop that baby into the world, the new mom sheds light on the unpleasant physical realities of new motherhood.

Williams got candid about the soreness moms who deliver vaginally will inevitably face, and how that soreness can contribute to some anxiety ahead of your first post-baby pee. Williams even shared a piece of advice: "Do your first pee in the shower, with the shower head facing your ‘flower’… to anyone who has just started reading here, no this isn’t a gardening blog," she wrote in a blog post on the subject.

The new mom also opened up about her post-baby body—she coined the term "jelly belly" to describe the way a baby bump doesn't exactly deflate the minute you have your baby (it takes time for your uterus to shrink down, people!) Other topics Williams covered? The baby blues (even moms who don't suffer postpartum depression can probably expect to feel a bit of sadness thanks to those crazy hormones) and leaky nipples (which caused her to lose sleep).

As if new moms don't already lose enough shuteye!

Oh, and if all that weren't enough, the mama also came clean about a decidedly personal topic that moms almost neverdiscuss: "The dreaded after birth poop."

"For every Mum out there you probably still have nightmares of it. To all you mums-to-be, I really am just kidding. This again is another one of Mother Natures blessings/curses. You decide that for yourself. After just pushing out a baby the last thing you want to do is push something out the other way. If your like me you will hold it until you make yourself ill. Please don’t follow in my footsteps here. You will only make it worse for yourself. When you need to go, go," she wrote.

She added yet another tip: "Just try and stay calm, breathe. Top Tip: For extra added comfort wrap up a shit load of loo roll (no pun intended) and hold your flower. Not that your insides will fall out when you try to go. But it really will help the thought process of it all," she wrote in her blog post.

All in all, we admire this mom's total honesty. (And we love that she included some handy tips for fellow moms as well!) Can you relate what she's saying here?