Mommy Blogger Goes Viral After Tweeting a Photo of Her Transforming Post-Birth Body

This mom of three is "absolutely euphoric" despite the fact that she is "walking like John Wayne and wearing an adult nappy."

Mommy Blogger Goes Viral after Tweeting a Photo of Her Transforming Post-birth Body
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We all know that the female body is a strong and powerful force. The way it transforms and nurtures a human life for 9+ months is hard to wrap your head around—even after the baby comes along, the body continues to evolve. Mommy blogger Sarah Turner of The Unmumsy Mum is embracing her changing body and empowering others to do the same by posting her newly postpartum body on Twitter—and we think she looks incredible.

A few hours after giving birth to her third child, Wilf, on December 12th, Turner posed in her hospital room with just her "nappy" on. With her post-delivery stomach still rounded and her hands covering her breasts, Turner's smile confirms that although her body has and continues to endure a lot, she is over-the-moon.

Turner writes, "Postpartum reality! Sorry if you’re eating your breakfast but after initially thinking I couldn’t share this, I realised it’s less flesh than it would be if I shared my ‘bikini body’. I was absolutely euphoric here (despite walking like John Wayne and wearing an adult nappy)."

Turner's followers immediately began to applaud her for sharing her story:

Turner is just one of several incredible moms who refuse to silence the not-so-glamorous sides of giving birth. Not only is Turner making it clear that women can feel confident and strong about their postpartum bodies, but she is giving others insight on what to expect from it all. No wonder she is feeling "euphoric" this super-women just created another human being, and she is proud to share that with the world.

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