Ugh, really? This meteorologist just shared an email she received in which she was body-shamed...and the message was sent soon after she had welcomed a baby.

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt
December 01, 2018

June 6, 2017

Carrie Duncan is chief meteorologist at a Mississippi news station. She's also a brand new mom—and as if heading back to work after having a baby isn't hard enough in and of itself, a viewer decided to make things even more difficult for Duncan.

The meteorologist received an unbelievably rude email from a viewer who felt it was acceptable to comment on the new mother's body. The viewer mentions specific body parts and decides he or she is qualified to assess Duncan's health based on the way she looks—it's equal parts unbelievable and completely emblematic of what postpartum women deal with every day.

Duncan posted a screenshot of the email on her Facebook page.

"You will not live to see your children grow if you do not get rid of that horrid gut and huge arms. You are an embarrassment to yourself and all the viewers...It has gotten so bad that my husband will not watch the news when you are giving the forecast because he finds your appearance repulsive," the viewer wrote.

How awful is that?

Luckily, Duncan is handling the situation with plenty of class. "I appreciate the kind words, support & genuine excitement you have had for me! I heart y'all. I am not happy with my weight right now. I am tired a lot and not getting much sleep and eating poorly. I know this. I want to do better, and I know I will," she wrote in the Facebook post.

But honestly, Duncan shouldn't have to apologize to anyone for how she looks (and we think she looks pretty great!). A new mom's body is her business—and unless you're her doctor, you have no place commenting on whether or not she's healthy. And the piece about the viewer's husband not watching the news when Duncan is reporting? Talk about sexist. Ultimately, all this viewer did by sending this disgusting email is embarrass herself—and give us yet another reason to advocate for new moms.