The professional dancer has been open about her postpartum struggles, and we're impressed by her ability to keep things in perspective, stay healthy, and embrace her new shape.

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt
December 16, 2018

Only a few weeks after Peta Murgatroyd gave birth, but the Dancing with the Stars pro already had a seriously impressive take on her postpartum body. The new mom to Shai Aleksander was posting selfies of her postpartum body, and while she looks amazing, she's also not Shai (uh, we mean shy) about pointing out the ways in which her body has changed. 

The star shared a look at her body just eight days after she delivered—and then an updated selfie at 17 days postpartum. She looks absolutely incredible in both shots, but she definitely appears a bit different than she did before pregnancy—and there's nothing wrong with that! 

Peta isn't looking for fast fixes, and has embraced the physical changes that came with her pregnancy. And clearly, she understands that when it comes to bouncing back, "slow and steady wins the race."

The dancer—who is engaged to Shai's father, fellow pro dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy—also shared that she's was already working out again (at 17 days postpartum—how impressive is that?), and that her time in the gym has been helping her feel great about her body.

"After 2 days back at the gym I'm feeling like the old Peta again. I definitely don't have my 6 pack, and I still have excess skin and rolls on my belly, however I feel good," she wrote alongside a photo of her body.


Let's make one thing clear: Getting back to the gym so soon after baby is the right choice for someone like Peta, for whom being super active is a way of life. If you're struggling to get back into it, that's totally fine too—and, of course, you should get the go-ahead from your doctor before resuming those workouts.

"I knew I needed to get back into the gym for my own sanity, but I also remind myself (as does Maks) that I still need to take it easy," Peta wrote. "I cannot jump yet and still can't run a mile, but the exercises I've planned out are a good start. Honestly, the hardest part for me is getting my core strength back. Day 1 I couldn't do a sit up, here's day 17 and I'm doing 70+. Ladies, we all have to start somewhere...being an athlete I pride myself on having a lean, strong physique, so believe me this has been a challenge to work through, but as long as you have a loving support network around you, you will be fine."

We can't agree more!