Get tips for concealing postpartum hair loss.

Many women suffer from what they think is substantial hair loss after birth. Actually, you're not losing more hair than usual (it's normal to shed 100 strands a day), but your hair may look thinner because hormonal changes after birth can halt your hair's new growth cycle. If your hair looks thin, remember: It's temporary. In the meantime, here are some simple ways to give the illusion of a lustrous mane:

  • Part hair on the opposite side from where you usually part it; let partially air dry. Then flip back to your regular part and hair will look thicker.
  • Spray a volumizing product on wet hair; style as usual. Mousses and gels work well too.
  • Consider highlighting your hair. Hair color plumps up the hair shaft, causing it to look fuller.
  • Try bangs, which are back in style -- they can conceal thinning hair around your hairline. If your face is oval, you can probably pull off trendy shorter bangs. Longer sideswept bangs look great on round, square, or heart-shaped faces.

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