The unexpected must-have for sore, healing postpartum moms? Condoms. Seriously—you'll want to stock up on condoms. Here's why.


If you've just had a baby, chances are condoms aren't high on your list of must-haves—after all, sex is probably not on the menu for six weeks or so. But there's an unexpected use for these little guys, and it's something every sore new mom should try.

Australian blogger Martin Wanless shared the tip, and it's a pretty genius one. Essentially, he recommended filling condoms with water, then freezing them and using the product to bring down swelling and ease any residual pain down there. Obviously, pushing a baby out can cause some soreness in your nether regions, and the size and shape of these frozen condoms make them perfect options for mamas who need some relief.

"Yep. Condoms," Wanless wrote in the blog post for DAD. "But this isn’t male bravado, delusion or wishful thinking – trust me, after a few days at home with a screaming ankle biter, and having recently witnessed your partner’s vagina being turned inside out and a little person pushed out of it, neither of you will be wanting or even thinking about risking anything down there for at least a matter of weeks."

Credit: Urusaurus/Shutterstock

According to the post, Wanless's own wife was directed towards at a fridge full of frozen condoms after she gave birth. And while we so appreciate the dad for sharing this nugget of wisdom with us, he wasn't the first to discover this helpful use: Mamas have actually been using and sharing this trick for years.

With that being said, postpartum soreness is one of those topics few moms ever discuss, and it's entirely possible that your mama friends swear by this tip and simply haven't clued you in yet.