Easy Exercises For New Moms

Learn some helpful tips on how to fit in postpartum exercise as a new mom.


Some easy ways to fit in exercise when you're caring for a newborn are to go for stroller walks. That's one of the things I did in the very beginning. I would push Timothy through Central Park almost every day. You can also do lunges as you're pushing the stroller, and then, you can take your baby for a walk in a baby carrier. So, the Bjorn or the Ergo, whatever you have at home. It's also a great way to get your house clean. So, you can put your baby in their carrier, vacuum the house, you know, mop the floors, do some of your light housework-- which is really exercise. The baby's napping, you can try and fit in a few downward pacing dogs, some pushups, you can do some crunches, you can march in place, jog in place. You can do little squats while you're holding your baby, you can do some plié, some relevés. There's all sorts of ways to stay in shape. So, as a new mom, don't panic.

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