You may be surprised by some of the supplies that will come in handy while you're recovering from childbirth.

mother holding newborn baby
Credit: Blend Images/Veer

Maxi Pads: Buy enough to make your baby's diaper stash look inadequate. Get the super soft, natural ones without dri-weave. Friction is not your friend and neither is chlorine.

Stool Softener: Pop a pill or two and you'll thank yourself later. The medications you may receive during labor, as well as a lack of food and drink, can leave you constipated. Make sure you buy one with a laxative in it.

Tucks pads: Stick a couple of these on top of your maxi pad for cooling relief. They're marketed for hemorrhoids, but they can also take the burn out of inflamed vaginal tissue.

Preparation H: Slather on this cream if you have hemorrhoids -- it's better at shrinking those bad boys than anything else.

Dermoplast: Use this numbing spray on your vagina or rectum if you have soreness.

Epsom salts: Add a couple of teaspoons to your sitz bath (a shallow tub that you can soak your bum in for pain relief) to make it even more healing.

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