The actress credits her solid body image to working out, not dieting, and keeping her closet full of clothes that fit and feel good.

drew barrymore body after baby
Credit: Courtesy EMSCULPT

It's always common for moms to feel insecure after giving birth, not least when they're in the spotlight like Drew Barrymore. The actor, mom-of-two and spokesperson for Emsculpt recently opened up to about how the secret to her confidence after giving birth twice has been a healthy combination of exercise (for her own wellbeing and choosing) and choosing the right clothes for her body.

"My body is forever changed after having kids, but I have two daughters. So would I change that? No," Barrymore said. "I think we just have to talk about a different dialogue in our own heads. A little bit more rationality to calm the emotionality."

Why She Works Out

"I don't work out because I'm trying to have a certain type of body, I work out because I want to take care of myself. It gives me mental benefits," she said, explaining that she feels like she can let go of negativity through a good workout. "I love exercising, but my problem is consistency and I love food."

So Barrymore said she's found a balance without forcing herself to workout more than is realistic for her body and her schedule or restricting her diet. She said she'll often start her day with a bowl of spinach and an egg, but also has a soft spot for some cheese and crackers. She calls both foods "heaven" in different ways.

"I have what I'm working with so I want to make that the best I can," she said. "I have always tried to and continued to in this new normal after kids of accepting what my body is. It cannot be another body."

How She Built Her Core

"Before kids, I didn't have a strong core, but after kids, my entire core was like a fish tank. I wasn't ever working out from the right place," Barrymore explained. "So I did pelvic floor training and pilates, a very physical therapy approach. And then I started doing Emsculpt and then the two together, have completely changed my foundation."

Emsculpt is a toning program that uses electromagnetic energy to trigger muscle movements that your body can't do on its own. And Barrymore cited some of her body confidence to the program, explaining that her entire body changed after giving birth. "It's like having two kids made my body sort of the most incapable, which then forced me to change, educate myself, change my workouts, find my core and now things are better than they ever have been even before kids."

She Gave Herself Time to Heal

Barrymore said she took her time after giving birth, saying she finally gave herself a break after a life of work starting in Hollywood at 11 months. Her priorities changed once she had her kids.

"You take care of babies and all of a sudden, it's like 'holy shit I'm really lost and I don't feel in touch with myself. There will be a natural barometer that will be inside of you that will be like, okay, now I would like to find a balance," she said. "But I don't think that happens right away with a baby, I just don't. I think you're totally out of sorts and you're putting something else in front of you and it's just totally beautiful chaos. And then all of a sudden you're just like, wait I do have work ideas, and not everything in life is trivial other than my baby, and maybe I'm ready to pull it back together. I just think we haven't told ourselves or each other to give it time."

What She Wears

Barrymore also stressed that working out isn't her only source of confidence. "I've always known how to dress for my body in a way that makes me feel comfortable and I feel suits my body," she said. "That wardrobe had to change after kids and there's a new normal."

She said she tends toward high waisted, long pants, high heels, and soft fabrics that drape over her body, a comfy and sexy look. And she makes sure her closet stays full of things that make her feel good about herself.

"I get rid of clothes that don't make me feel good about myself and I donate them," she said. "Then going into the closet isn't this traumatic experience of 'oh my god I can't wear this' and 'I don't fit into that.'

But Barrymore said she doesn't subscribe to the idea that dressing after kids necessarily means looking super conservative. "Show your forearms, show some shoulder. Put pops of skin in there that are areas you feel confident about showing," she said. "Don't cover yourself up from your neck to your toes."