4 Ways to Stand Up to Breast Cancer

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Do your part with these tips.

HELP PROTECT YOURSELF by performing a breast self-exam each month a few days after your period ends and having a doctor check your breasts annually. Also get a yearly mammogram if you're 40 or older. (Your doctor may have you start sooner if you have a family history of breast cancer.) There's no sure way to prevent the disease, but finding it early maximizes your chances of survival.

LEARN MORE about the disease with Breast Cancer: The Path of Wellness & Healing ($35; breastcancerdvd.org). The film contains more than five hours of medical information and survivors? commentaries meant to comfort and inspire women during treatment and recovery.

JOIN FORCES with the Love/Avon Army of Women (armyofwomen.org), an initiative to find the causes of breast cancer and ways to prevent it. When you register, the organization will keep you updated on new research studies that need volunteers. Anyone can sign up, and you choose whether or not to participate.

SHOP to raise money for the cause. Hundreds of products donate profits to breast cancer research. Three we like:

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