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The time after you deliver your baby is often referred to as postpartum. Your body doesn't stop changing after Baby arrives. Get the scoop on what to expect postpartum, including getting your period back, hair loss, weight loss (or gain!), constipation, and more.

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Top 17 Postpartum Questions, Answered

From your baby's head shape and snorting sounds to how soon you can walk around and have a glass of champagne, experts answer the most common questions that come up after giving birth.

Postpartum Cramps Are Not Talked About Enough and Mine Were Awful

I thought I read it all to prepare myself for childbirth. But I was caught completely off guard by my postpartum cramps. Here's what pregnant people need to know.

What to Expect With Postpartum Hormone Changes

As quickly as your hormones changed after that positive pregnancy test, they begin to change again as soon as your baby's born. From a few hours postpartum to a few months, here's what happens to your hormones after giving birth.

A Mom's Guide to Plastic Surgery

The stigma surrounding plastic surgery is disappearing as more mothers share their experiences, and why surgery was right for them.

Postpartum Belly Wraps: Are They Really Worth Wearing?

Belly wraps or bands—sometimes also called abdominal binders—promise to provide support, beat pain, correct wonky body positioning, and more. But read this guide before you buy.

The Deal with Postpartum Night Sweats

Experts explain what causes postpartum night sweats, how long they will last, and how new moms can manage so you can some sleep at a time when it's so important.

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Your Postpartum Body: 20 Ways It Changes After Baby

Your body will inevitably look different after giving birth. Read on for advice from doctors, midwives, and physical therapists about what to expect from your postpartum body.

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Your menstrual cycle has been on hiatus during your nine-month pregnancy. Be prepared for some changes when you get your first period after birth.

Why Stretch Mark Removal Surgery Really Isn't a Thing

If you want get rid of stretch marks, you likely won’t undergo an actual surgery. And even if you choose to, stretch marks can never be fully removed. Three board-certified plastic surgeons explain.