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The time after you deliver your baby is often referred to as postpartum. Your body doesn't stop changing after Baby arrives. Get the scoop on what to expect postpartum, including getting your period back, hair loss, weight loss (or gain!), constipation, and more.

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I Tried a Platelet-Rich Plasma Facial for My Postpartum Skin Issues—This Is What Happened
Postpartum changes can be drastic, but parents are often wary to discuss cosmetic procedures for fear of judgment. A PRP facial can be a less-invasive rejuvenation technique. Here's what it did for me.
8 Things to Know About Postpartum Periods
If your cycle seems unpredictable, don't panic. Hormones and age can cause changes and fluctuations, whether you've just given birth or you had your kids years ago. Here's a guide to parenthood periods, from post-birth to perimenopause.
Mom Who Blamed Dog After Pooping On the Floor Brings Attention to Postpartum Constipation
A new mom blamed the family pooch after her poop fell on the floor. Her Reddit story inspired other parents to share their own experiences with similar postpartum issues.
Mom Explains Why You Might Want to Think Twice About Getting Your Belly Pierced Before Pregnancy
Mom Melinda Strauss is offering a few words of wisdom about the body piercing after her "terrifying" experience.

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