Pregnancy can be overwhelming. You'll be more productive -- and less harried -- if you follow these tips.

___ Step away from your desk for a few minutes every hour or so for a quick walkabout. Even small bits of exercise can give you a surprising lift.

___ Take a surfing break. Dedicate 15 minutes a day to browse baby names, research strollers, whatever you want.

___ Be a water guzzler (it's a built-in excuse to sneak in extra walks to the restroom). Plus, getting at least six to eight glasses a day can help your skin stay hydrated and prevent swelling.

___ Break up a daunting project into lots of smaller ones. Daily -- or even hourly -- deadlines will help any task feel more manageable. And there?s nothing better than having lots of little bits to cross of your To Do list.

___ Keep a stash of healthy snacks in your desk drawer, ideally something that has both protein and carbs, like a fruit, nut and cereal trail mix. Having fuel handy will help you avoid sugar-packed binges at the vending machine.

___ Tune in to good music. Cueing up favorite upbeat songs on your iPod can deliver the oomph you need to keep going.

___ Invest in a foot rest to park under your desk. Keeping the tootsies elevated will help maintain circulation and head off leg cramps and swelling.

___ Retime your workouts. Hitting the gym around 5 pm delivers an end-of-day energy boost with plenty of time for your body to cool down (so you can hit the hay without feeling wired).

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