Try these practical tips to get through each day of your pregnancy.

___ Schedule meetings and important phone calls when you feel most alert -- whether you're a morning person or an after-lunch-energy-boost kinda gal.

___ Make doctors' appointments first thing in the morning or in the early evening so they don?t carve too much out of your workday. All that back-and-forthing can add unnecessary anxiety.

___ Rest and recharge during your lunch break. If you can, close your office door and rest at your desk or head out for an invigorating stroll. Amazing what a burst of sunshine can do for your mood, right?

___ Prioritize your daily tasks. Figure out what's a must-do, and handle everything else one thing at a time. Ask yourself: If it doesn?t get done today, is it really the end of the world?

___ Don't be afraid to delegate. When your partner takes on more errands and chores outside of work, it means more time for you to unwind after a crazy day.

___ Get moving. Even low-impact exercise -- 20 to 30 minutes of walking, for example -- can give you a much-needed boost of mood-lifting endorphins, sure to make any tense situation a bit less taxing.

___ Transform your cube into a haven. Some of our fave creature comforts: Toss a pashmina over your chair to help with temperature swings, fill a goody drawer with healthy snacks, stow a pair of slippers under your desk or add a scented candle (to sniff, not light since this is often a work no-no) to your desktop. Basically, anything that helps you stay calm and comfy when the going gets tough.

___ Add some of your go-to pregnancy web sites (mommy blogs, baby name finders, nursery gear) to your favorites in your web browser. When you need a mini-break, allot 10 minutes for guilt-free surfing.

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