Low Blood Sugar During Pregnancy

Dr. Elizabeth Pryor answers the question,, Are these unpleasant symptoms caused by low blood sugar?

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I am 28 weeks pregnant. For the past couple weeks I have been experiencing dizziness right around lunchtime. In fact, recently I was so dizzy a few times that my hands were shaking. A concerned coworker said it must be low blood sugar. Is this the case, and if so, what can I do to combat it?


This is one of the most common complaints I receive from patients. Pregnancy affects the way sugar is processed in our bodies, and low blood sugar is something that happens to many women. The symptoms include light-headedness and shaking in the extremities.

I recommend frequent, light meals. You may benefit from a midmorning and midafternoon snack. Be sure to eat a variety of foods, including plenty of vegetables and fruit.

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