How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy:Decoding Pregnancy Cravings

Your pregnancy appetite can be confusing. Here's how to understand your wacky cravings.


Many pregnant women experience unusual or intense food cravings. You may desire chocolate, lemons, milk, meat, or even spicy foods. You may even wanna eat dirt. Here are five types of cravings and what your body may be telling you. Craving for sweets like chocolate may simply be due to the fact that women have higher calorie needs when pregnant. Craving salty foods like pickles and pretzels helps you retain fluid, and pregnant women need more fluid because water carries nutrients through your blood to your baby. Cravings for sour foods are believed to help pregnant women vary their diet and get a mix of nutrients, and stress and anxiety, and many of us can relate to this, can cause women to crave comfort foods like bread, fried food, and even sweets. And finally, there are really unusual cravings for soil, clays, silt, chalk, and other non-food items. That's a condition called pica, which may be due to an iron or zinc deficiency. In that case, time to call the doctor. For more on pregnancy nutrition, check out

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