How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy: Making a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it's even more important during pregnancy. Here's how to eat healthy.


Who knew pregnancy could be so exhausting? Your body is working hard when you're expecting, especially during the first and last trimesters. That can sap your energy. So start up each day with a healthy breakfast to give your body adequate fuel and nutrients and nourish both you and your unborn baby. Here are three energizing breakfast with about 500 calories each and key nutrients. Keep it simple with cereal, fruit, and nuts. Combine 1 cup Shredded Wheat with a half cup each raspberries and blueberries and 4 tablespoons chopped almonds. Top with 1 cup non-fat milk. Try nutty French toast. Beat 2 eggs in a bowl and dip in 2 slices of whole wheat bread. Cook in a pan with nonstick cooking spray and top with 1 tablespoon light maple syrup and 14 walnut halves, serve with 1 clementine. Finally, go for a granola-yogurt combo. Mix 1 cup low-fat plain yogurt with 4 tablespoons dried mango and 1 quarter cup low-fat granola. For more on pregnancy nutrition, check out

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