Give these fish choices -- safe for expecting or nursing moms -- a taste.

By the editors of Parents magazine
October 05, 2005

If you're expecting or nursing, you know to avoid fish that's high in mercury. Shark, king mackerel, swordfish, and tilefish are all no-nos -- and recently, the FDA also suggested consuming no more than six ounces of canned albacore tuna weekly.

But nutrient-rich seafood should be a part of your diet. Aim for about 12 ounces weekly of a variety of kinds. Tuna lovers may want to try canned light tuna, which is lower in mercury than albacore. Give these other safe choices a taste too.


Nutritional Nibble: Packed with bone-building calcium.

Simple Meal: Chop up sardines and black olives, mix into tomato sauce, and serve over pasta.


Nutritional Nibble: Rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Simple Meal: Marinate steaks in olive oil and dill, then grill. Remove skin to reduce fat.


Nutritional Nibble: A good source of protein.

Simple Meal: Barbecue shrimp on skewers, and toss with a green salad.


Nutritional Nibble: Very low in fat.

Simple Meal: Lightly bread a fillet, oven-bake it, and serve with rice and fresh vegetables.

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