Here, the smartest (and tastiest) ways to nourish your growing baby.


___ Never pass on breakfast. (Even if you're queasy, snack on some bland dry cereal or toast.) Your body and your baby need the early-morning energy boost.

___ Avoid the frozen food aisles. They're filled with processed foods that likely pack excess saturated fat and salt.

___ Think in color: Stock your shopping cart with brightly hued fruits and veggies. A mix of green, red, yellow, and purple ensures you eat a good mix of different good-for-you antioxidants.

___ Nuke your veggies. That and steaming both help them retain more nutrients than boiling does.

___ Opt for broiling or baking instead of frying, which adds unnecessary artery-clogging fats.

___ Substitute skim or one percent milk for whole. You'll still get all the calcium and vitamin D with less saturated fat.

___ Replace white rice and bread with brown rice and whole wheat bread; this helps steady blood-sugar levels and fends off the snack attacks.

___ Swap your afternoon diet soda for a glass of 100-percent fruit juice -- it's an easy way to up your fruit intake. We love calcium-fortified OJ. (Why not sneak in more of the essential bone-building nutrient?)

___ When you amp up your protein intake, think outside the meat aisle to beat chicken cutlet boredom. Edamame (and other soy foods), eggs, beans, milk, cheese, and nuts are all super sources.

___ Swap those unhealthy trans fats (found in fried or baked goods, like doughnuts or crackers) for the heart-healthy unsaturated alternatives in olive oil, salmon, and avocado, for example.

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