Checklist: Nutrient-Boost Your Diet

Yum! Here are some tasty ways to pack nutrition into your meals and make every bite count.

For more fruit and veggies:

___Slice fresh fruit on top of your morning cereal, toast, waffles or pancakes.

___ Add grated carrots, baby spinach, bean sprouts or avocado slices to sandwiches and wraps.

___ Spruce up a basic cheese pizza with vitamin-packed veggies, like red peppers and broccoli.

For a protein boost:

___ Toss sunflower seeds, chickpeas, beans, tuna or nuts into salads.

___ Bring a few hard-boiled egg whites to work for a low-cal, high-protein snack.

For extra calcium:

___ Sneak skim milk into foods that you'd usually prepare with water, such as instant oatmeal, hot chocolate and some canned soups.

___ Switch up the proportions in your morning cuppa joe: Make it more latte and less coffee.

For healthier carbs:

___ Replace some or all of the regular flour in the breads, cookies and cakes you bake with the whole-wheat kind.

___ Pour a bowl of whole-grain cereal with skim milk to fend off cravings for cookies and chips -- the crunchy texture is surprisingly almost as satisfying.

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