Managing Morning Sickness at Work

Nausea is a classic pregnancy symptom, and working while you're queasy is never easy. Here, real moms share tips to help you deal.

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Sick Day

woman holding cell phone

I called in sick a lot.

--Helena RayLos Angeles

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Snacks That Fight Morning Sickness

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cherry beverage
Blaine Moats

Cherry limeades from Sonic, and Sea-Bands

--Cori LewellenJefferson City, Missouri

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Air Out

It helped if I got up periodically to walk around or go outside for fresh air.

--Anastasia HavizaFishers, Indiana

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Milk It

smoothie made with a banana, milk and Ovaltine

It sounds weird, but a large glass of Hershey's chocolate milk helped me.

--Mimi Blakley FisherAddison, Illinois

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Sleep It Off

woman asleep at her desk
cultura Photography/ Veer

I had a coworker poke me when I started falling asleep, because I was taking Phenergan.

--Molly LynskeyColumbus, Ohio

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Carb Load

Bryan McCay

I kept crackers stashed everywhere. And ginger ale. Don't forget the ginger ale!

--Christy Cox MaytonBlackstone, Virginia

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Mint Condition

Peter Krumhardt

Peppermints. My mom said she swore by them and so do I!

--Tracie JonesHouston

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Sour Note

Sour Patch Kids
Peter Ardito

A very wise friend suggested Sour Patch Kids to me.

--Beth ChathamGlens Falls, NY

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Take Your Meds

prenatal vitamins
Melissa Punch

I took Zofran and Phenergan and stayed home for four months.

--Stephanie Porter CutlipAppomattox, Virginia

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Be Prepared

trash can
Bryan McCay

I had two trash cans.

--Grace Parker Jacksonville, Florida

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Stay Cool

Jay Wilde

I kept a mini fan in my desk.

--Jessica RobinsonLa Vergne, Tennessee

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Tea Time

cup of tea
Bryan McCay

Mint tea worked for me.

--Mindy LopkinMiddletown, Connecticut

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Add Heat

Cinnamon candy
Peter Krumhardt

Cinnamon candy and understanding coworkers

--Kim Welch PayneCorryton, Tennessee

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Water Works

glass of water
Scott Little

I would drink a big cup of water and go back to work.

--Sarah Duff HanselCedar Rapids, Iowa

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Bag It

Ziploc bag
Kritsada Panichgul

Carry a gallon-size Ziploc bag with you at all times!

--Jessica LipiecMilford, Michigan

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Pucker Up

bowl of lemons
Jay Wilde

I'd sniff lemons all day.

--Shelly RosadoBoston

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The Munchies

cereal in bowl
Blaine Moats

I carried around a box of Frosted Mini-Wheats to ensure that I had something in my stomach at all times.

--Becky Kretzer WardBainbridge, Ohio

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Chew on This

Spearmint gum
Blaine Moats

Spearmint gum

--Christy Cox MaytonBlackstone, Virginia

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Soup's On!

chicken noodle soup
Scott Little

The diner across the street from my office served awesome chicken noodle soup. It settled my stomach right away.

--Carol YeattsOcean View, Virginia

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Keep It Fresh

fresh pineapple
Scott Little

I ate fresh, cold fruit.

--Jonnielle StagenChicago

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Scent It

Levi Brown

I was super-sensitive to smells so I had to switch soaps and stop wearing perfume.

--Jillian Eva TackettKansas City, Missouri

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Go Nuts

Peter Tak

I nibbled on almonds throughout the day.

--Lauralee OlsonBrigham City, Utah

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That's Bananas

Bryan McCay

I'd eat a banana in the morning and chew gum throughout the day.

--Christina ClaytonMaryville, Tennessee

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Roll Out of Bed

dinner roll
Jason Donnelly

It helped if I ate something before getting out of bed, so I kept dinner rolls on my nightstand.

--Corrinne LewellenJefferson City, Missouri

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Viva Vitamins

Peter Ardito

I found out that my vitamins were making me sick, so I started taking them before bed and -- poof! -- the morning sickness was gone.

--Sonia Zombro StrongMurray, Utah

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