Yoga During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?

Yoga is great for exercise and relieving stress, but there are some poses that you should avoid. Find out which moves aren't pregnancy-friendly.


Need a little downward [unk] to get through the day? I hear you. But is all that stretching safe when you're pregnant? Here's the deal¿ Prenatal yoga classes are specifically [unk] to pregnant women and should be absolutely safe unless your doctor tells you otherwise. And if you were already doing yoga before chances are you can continue with most of your practice throughout your pregnancy. You just have to know what to avoid. Some things that aren't safe include Bikram or Hot yoga, inversions; those actually limit the blood flow to your head and lying flat on your back. And don't even think about pushing yourself too hard. Overall, if you're brand new to yoga, go to a beginner's prenatal class. If you've been doing yoga for years and don't want to get out of practice, keep going but speak up and tell your instructor that you're expecting so she can help you with any adjustments. When it comes to yoga in your pregnancy, there's no need to hang up your mat, in fact it might just be the right time to buy one.

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