What's safe when you're on vacation and pregnant?

Planning to take a babymoon? Here's everything you need to know about going on vacation while you're pregnant.


Planning a baby moon? Test your knowledge of what's safe on vacation during pregnancy? First, is it safe to fly? Generally speaking, as long as you aren't experiencing complications or at risk for early labor you can fly safely until your 36th week of pregnancy. Double check with your carrier and doctor though before you book. Second question. Is it safe to go through security machines? [SOUND] Yes, it's generally safe. There are typically 2 types of scanners used at the airport. One type does not use x-rays, and the other uses low intensity x-rays that are usually not strong enough to transmit through the body. Of course, if you prefer a pat down to be safe just ask for one. Next question. Is it safe to swim in the ocean? Water can be bliss to a pregnant body. But there are some precautions to take before you dip into the ocean. Sewage, waste, bacteria, and germs can contaminate oceans, lakes, and rivers. Swallowing tainted water could potentially lead to e-coli Or other gastrointestinal illnesses that cause diarrhea and put your pregnancy at risk. Also, check out the Natural Recourses Defense Council's testing the water site, to find out if there are any contamination or health advisories on your beach. Finally, is it safe to use sunscreen? [NOISE] While you're away remember to protect your skin. Tanning isn't safe for anyone pregnant or not. But during pregnancy skin is more prone to burning and chloasma, dark splotches on the face. You're also more likely to develop a heat rash and blocked pores. Steer clear of chemical sunscreens and go for physical blockers with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as the main ingredient. Apply often, at least every two hours, and after swimming or sweating heavily. [MUSIC] Ready for another pregnancy quiz? Check out parents.com/safeornot. [MUSIC]

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