What's safe during sex when pregnant?

Your sex life doesn't have to be put on hold just because you're expecting. Our quiz will give you all the information you need!


When you're pregnant, what's safe during sex? Take our quiz to find out. First, is it safe to use a vibrator? Yes, vibrators are safe to use during a healthy, low risk pregnancy. Your amniotic fluid and the strong muscles of your uterus protect your baby from feeling anything. Just make sure you keep your vibrator clean by washing the surface with warm water and a gentle soap after every use. Next question. Is it safe to use lube? [MUSIC] Dryness is usually not an issue during pregnancy since pregnancy hormones can cause Cause extra vaginal discharge and if you are finding that you need a lubricant, try a water based product. This comes with less risk of irritation or infection than silicone or ice based ones. Steer clear of products that contain glycerin, Parabens or fragrances. Which can be irritating. And avoid any flavored lubricants, especially if they contain sugar. Since this can lead to a yeast infection. [MUSIC] Is it safe to have oral sex? [SOUND] This is a go during pregnancy. And that many women find oral stimulation to be a nice alternative if sex feels clumsy and uncomfortable. Just avoid it if your partner has a cold sore or symptoms of herpes simplex virus. This virus could be transmitted to you, and cause pregnancy complications or serious birth defects to your unborn baby. [MUSIC] Ready for another pregnancy quiz? Check out parents.com/safefornot.

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