What extreme exercises are safe when pregnant?

Staying fit during pregnancy is important, but so is being safe! Here's all the information you need to know about participating in marathons, high-intensity interval workouts, and obstacle races while expecting.


[MUSIC] Do you know which extreme exercises are safe during pregnancy? Take our quiz to find out. [MUSIC] First question. Is it safe to run a marathon? [SOUND] Already part of the 26.2 mile club? Your doctor will mostly tell you that it's fine to sign up for one, although you might have to take it a little slower. If you're not a long-distance runner, It's best to stick to light jogs, and save a big run for post baby. The key is to listen to your body, and be careful not to get overheated, or dehydrated. Next question, is it safe to do high intensity interval training? If high intensity interval training is your workout of choice, [MUSIC] Choice. Proceed with caution. Not only is it, well, high intensity, but this exercise involves lifting some pretty serious weights. If you're already hooked and having a healthy pregnancy, you should be able to continue with an okay from your doc. But you might have to cross a few exercises off your list, like rope climbs, handstand pushups, or max effort lifts. But if you're a newbie, now is not the time to take up this activity. Finally, is it safe to do an obstacle race? Hold off on obstacle races no matter how fit you are. Electrical shocks, army crawls, and polar plunges are not what the doctor ordered. Any type of physical activity that ups your risk of incurring a hard hit to the belly Or puts you at risk for falling is a definite no. [MUSIC] Ready for another pregnancy quiz? Check out parents.com/safeornot. [MUSIC]

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