You are probably excited to get started on the nursery--and that includes painting the walls a beautiful hue. Find out how to protect yourself and your baby from harmful paint fumes.


Q. Can I paint the nursery?

A. As long as you're careful, yes. Most paints, including latex, don't contain harmful lead or mercury, so you can paint safely. The repetitive motion of using a roller or brush can be hard on your back, so ask your partner to tackle the task with you. As a precaution, open a window while you paint to let the fumes out. Avoid climbing a ladder or even a step stool; as your balance changes in pregnancy, you're at greater risk of falling. Stay away from oil-base paints that may contain solvents. Avoid using any paint removers or thinners because most of these are extremely toxic.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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