Is it safe to wear this when pregnant?

Hoping to stay as stylish as ever during your pregnancy? Here are some tips about what is safe to wear while pregnant.


[MUSIC] Test your knowledge of what's safe to wear during pregnancy with our quiz. First question. Is it safe to wear shapewear? Form-fitting pieces like Spanx or your favorite skinny jeans are fine to wear during pregnancy. Not only do they help hold things in place, but they also provide additional comfort and support. Just make sure you're wearing the appropriate size for your expanding body. [MUSIC] Next question. Is it safe to wear high heels? [MUSIC] [SOUND] Sadly, when it comes to your favorite pair of pumps, you'll have to proceed with caution. [MUSIC] Stilettos might not cause trouble early on, but once your third trimester arrives, heels may be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Also, your center of gravity will be off kilter so you may find it increasingly difficult to balance. So choose shoes that are safe and stylish. Finally, is it safe to wear an underwire bra? If an underwire bra is your thing, there's no need to switch in terms of safety. But, as your belly expands, you might find it more comfortable to switch to a bra without underwire. [MUSIC] Ready for another pregnancy quiz? Check out PARENTS.COM/SAFEORNOT. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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