Household Chores During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?

Household chores are a necessary part of life, but should you be doing all your usual tasks while pregnant? Find out what is safe and what isn't.


I know, you're strong. You're capable. You can take care of yourself and your home. But should you lay off on everyday household chores while you're pregnant? Here's the real deal on what's okay and what's not. You can keep doing the light stuff like washing dishes, dusting, or cleaning surfaces with green chemical-free products. And you'll be thrilled to know you can keep making the bed. It may seem obvious, but skip out on heavy lifting, pushing a lawn mower, or anything that requires being up on a ladder. Those can lead to injury, or worse, for you and your baby. Also, be aware of cleaning products, which may be packed with harsh chemicals. So, only use all natural ones. And if you have a cat, cross up changing the kitty litter. It could expose you to dangerous bacteria that can affect your growing baby. So, hand that task off to someone else. So, when those nesting instincts kick in, you can still play a role. Just do it in a safe way.

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