Herbal Medicine During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?

Just because something is all-natural doesn't mean that it is safe for Baby. Here's what you shouldn't have during your pregnancy.


A lot of people believe something that's all natural can't hurt their baby. But the truth might be more complicated than you think. Here's the real deal. Ginger, one of our best weapons against morning sickness, is thankfully a-okay. And so is Equinacea, an herb that some people take to boost their immune system, but used as directed. If you're going to take either supplement, it's a good idea to tell your doctor. So many herbs that show up in teas and supplements including common ones like chamomile can be dangerous to your pregnancy. So, watch out for that relaxing tea. Saint John's wort, Golden Seal and Penny Royal are just a few others that can cause harm or even miscarriage. Read labels carefully. And ask for a doctor about any herbal teas or supplements you might like to try.

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