Hair Dye and Nail Polish During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?

Every pregnant woman deserves some pampering, but are hair dye and nail polish safe? We'll tell you how to navigate the salon.


-You've got that pregnancy glow, but that extra baby weight has you feeling generally achy and a little blob. A trip to the salon might be just the trick to feeling a bit more fabulous. So, here's the skinny on what's safe and what's not. Go ahead get your nails done. It's true that polishes, fast dry coats, and removers contain some harsh chemicals, but studies show that brief exposure to the fumes is totally safe for you and your baby. When it comes to hair dye, there's no need to break up with your hairdresser. Studies suggest it's totally okay to use because there's so little dye absorbed into your scalp. If you wanna be extra safe, switch to temporary color, which is less toxic than permanent, and go for highlights instead of a full color. Seriously, there's no reason to feel less than awesome during your pregnancy, so get your pretty on and make no apologies.

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