Chick Pom-Pom Friend

Create an adorable little pom-pom chick friend this Easter. This kid-friendly craft is easy to make and fun to display.


How to Make Chick Pom-Pom Friends. For this craft, you'll need: orange chenille stem, 1-inch yellow pom-pom 2-inch pom-pom, 1/2-inch yellow pom-pom, 2 tiny pom-poms, blue ribbon, glue and scissors. To make the chick, glue pom-poms as shown. Cut one 1 1/2-inch piece and two 2 1/2-inch pieces from orange chenille stem. Bend chenille stem piece in half. Glue both 2 1/2-inch pieces to bottom of chick for feet. Glue remaining piece to top pom-pom for the beak. Finish by tying ribbon around the neck. For more Easter ideas, visit

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