Alcohol During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?

Is it okay to have a glass of wine every so often while pregnant? Here's the truth about alcohol and your fetus.


Okay. So, you're pregnant and at a bar with friends. Obviously, you're not doing shots or Jägerbombs. But what about just one glass of wine? Is that okay? Let's break it down. Lots of things are safe if it doesn't have alcohol in it, that is. Enjoy a Virgin Mojito or a Virgin Margarita. And if you wanna go really crazy, get salter with a splash of orange juice or a splash of cranberry juice. Any amount of alcohol? It's not safe-- even just one glass of wine or one can of beer. I know you have a friend who's like, "But I drank wine, my baby's fine." Maybe that one baby is fine. But that doesn't mean yours will be. Alcohol crosses the placenta and goes straight to your developing baby. That can lead to really bad stuff, like brain damage, heart damage, and general deformities in your little one. Research shows that just one to two drinks in the first trimester can increase your risk of miscarriage. So, just don't. Don't drink alcohol while you're pregnant.

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