Q: I had some light bleeding after the last time my husband and I had sex. Is this really safe during pregnancy?

A: It's not unusual for pregnant women to spot after sex in their second and third trimesters. The increased blood supply to the cervix and vaginal walls means that blood vessels are more likely to break during intercourse, especially on the surface of the cervix, where it may come into contact with your husband's penis. You should let your doctor know about any bleeding you experience during pregnancy (this can indicate other problems, such as the placenta separating from the uterus). But if you're only bleeding a little after intercourse -- spotting rather than flowing, and you have no cramping -- you can probably rest easy. Trying other lovemaking positions (that minimize contact with the cervix) may help stave off spotting. Using the rear-entry position, sitting on top of your husband, or spooning together are several safe, comfortable options with which to experiment. If none of these moves thrills you, stay close by massaging each other or showering together. --Holly Robinson

Answered by American Baby Team



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