This Look Inside the Human Body During Pregnancy Is Fascinating

Have you ever wondered what's really going on inside your body during pregnancy? This animation shows how your organs shift to make carrying a baby possible.

hands on pregnant belly in bed
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Pregnancy is a pretty amazing thing, especially when you consider that every organ in your body somehow works together to make the miraculous business of growing a human possible. While the external physical changes associated with pregnancy are well documented (hello, baby bump!), it's pretty tough to imagine how things are shifting within your body. After all, it's not like you can just peek under your skin.

We all know that a pregnant person's uterus expands, but think about it: All those other organs have to step aside to allow this process to happen. Can't picture it? We found an animation below that gives a better look at what's really happening on an internal level during pregnancy, and it's fascinating.

The video comes from the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, where it was featured as part of an interactive exhibit focused on the human body. The animation shows us how the body changes throughout pregnancy, giving viewers a good idea of what's going on at every stage of gestation. Finally, it lets us see what happens as the body works to get the baby out (though, to be fair it looks a lot easier in the video than it actually is…).

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