Pregnancy Workouts: Is It Safe to Exercise?

Every woman is different, but here are some things to keep in mind when adjusting your exercise routine during pregnancy.


Research has changed a lot in the last two decades of both exercise and pregnancy. There's a lot of misconceptions and myths that are still out there. Research shows that you can and should exercise going into pregnancy as well as to the very end. If your doctor has given you clearance, we encourage you to not only keep up with your cardio, your weight training and your flexibility. Now of course if you're not an exerciser going into pregnancy, there are a couple of keys to keep in mind. You don't wanna start anything new. Cross for that new kickboxing class around the corner is not for you. Talk to your doctor about your limits and some of the things that you should discover during your three trimesters and your fitness level. Research is showing us all the benefits that you can have during your pregnancy if you exercise. One, being in easier delivery, you can also delay or control gestational diabetes and it will help you get back into your pre-pregnancy jeans a lot fast. So go ahead and enjoy these wonderful changes and keep your pregnancy healthy and active.

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