Pregnancy Workouts: Best Arm Exercises

Keep working out those arms during pregnancy with these easy moves. You'll be a pro at carrying Baby when she comes!


With me today is Natalia. She is in the third trimester. We're gonna show you some exercises that you can and should do on your third trimester to work your arms. We're gonna start with bicep curls. We're using fives. If your arms are really super strong, you can graduate to seven and a half. The recommendation is to discontinue to use the weights you did going into pregnancy. What's different about this bicep curls is they're going to be posture curls. Elbow stay in to the ribs and alternate really strong and fast, alternating it. You wanna make sure that you're not slouchy in your posture and your Kegel and course is on to keep the stability of your spine. Very good. This is gonna come in handy when your bouncing baby. I recommend that you do them 20 to 25 reps, last three and two and one. Now, with both of your arms straight, you're gonna bend to a 90-degree angle using biceps and then back down. It's really gonna isolate your biceps and make sure that you're getting the strength and tone that you're looking for. After 10 from the bottom to halfway up, you're gonna hold, finish the rep all the way up and decelerate down, all the way up and slowly decelerate down. Again, if you could endure and do at least 15 to 20 more of these, you're really gonna be able to feel that necessary tone and conditioning in the arms. So moving on to the back of the arms, we're gonna do single tricep extensions. Putting one down, take your free hand and use a little bit of support. Good. Back up just a little bit, bend the knees and hinge over. Good. Tap the chin in a little bit. Now, pull this arm into a row. While it's here, do a full extension straight and then bend. Very good. So you'll notice her setup is perfect posture instability through your lower back and your booty. You're aiming to do the back of the arms. Last two. Very good. Last one and stand on up. Good. Could you feel the back of the arms? You are awesome. Good job Natalia. I know you'll gonna have a fun and active third trimester. Good luck in the delivery room.

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