If hitting the gym isn't exactly on the top of your to-do list these days, don't sweat it. Here are a few easy ways to stay in shape with a baby on board.


___ Multitask your TV time. Do some old-fashioned leg lifts or yoga poses while you catch up on the morning or evening news.

___ Do it old-school. Anything you can do by hand is always better -- whether it's the dishes or shopping at the mall versus doing it all online. Little bursts of activity really do add up to impact your overall fitness and how many calories you burn every day.

___ Take a real lunch break. We've said it before, but get out for 10 minutes midday -- even if it just means power-walking several blocks to actually pick up your food.

___ Be more social. If you spend your workdays e-mailing, IMing, and calling coworkers to get the job done, take a different approach every now and then -- take a walk to see them in person. If you must chat on the phone, stand up and pace around rather than staying glued to your chair.

___ Skip the elevator. Take the stairs whenever you can (this can be surprisingly tiring, so make sure you take it easy -- this is not the time to climb to your 15th-floor office).

___ Hit the playground. Offer to babysit your friend's kid or your little niece on a nice weekend day. Bonus: It's the perfect opportunity to flex your mommy muscles.

___ Take your pooch for a walk (instead of just letting her out the back door to do her thing). It's a built-in way to stretch those legs at least once or twice a day.

___ Make a date of it. Go for a romantic, after-dinner stroll with your partner -- you'll be so busy bonding over your bump, it won't even feel like exercise.

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