Only 3 months to go! Learn what's up with your changing body and Baby at this stage of pregnancy.


Your Latest Preggo Problem Solved

No more brain fog: You misplaced your wallet ... again. You forgot to get milk ... again. Blame those pesky pregnancy hormones for memory lapses. What helps: Set out the stuff you need for the day the night before, stick "Do this!" love notes to yourself on your bathroom mirror, and enter reminders into your phone for when you're on the go.

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Credit: Thayer Allyson Gowdy

Must Know Now!

Why Am I Dizzy Sometimes? Your things-to-do list may be head-spinning, but your circulation is probably the culprit. As a pregnancy progresses, blood pressure drops, and blood can't move as fast as it used to. You may feel woozy when you stand up or when you're on your feet for a long period of time. Take sitting breaks and avoid sudden moves; in the morning, sit up in bed for a few minutes before you rise. Dehydration and hunger can also make you light-headed, so drink plenty of fluids and eat up!

Feel-Good Secret

Feeling frisky? It's normal. You're back to your regular self this trimester, and your sex drive may kick into gear. It's safe to do the deed. Zoom, zoom!

What Baby's Up To This Month

Movin' and Groovin': Now that your baby's inner ear, which controls balance, has formed, she can finally tell if she's upside down or right side up -- and she'll be more into getting around. She has also developed her sense of touch, so she may be patting her little face. Tooooo cute!

To Do in 6 Months

Book a few babymoons. Don't have one last hurrah with your first love before your new one arrives. Have several! Check into a local B&B or hotel for a night. (Go to for great last-minute deals.) You can also plan an all-day escape to a place you've been meaning to check out. Lisa Petrocelli, of, says, "The idea is to relax and enjoy downtime together."

Originally published in American Baby magazine in 2013.

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