Feeling pregnant and looking pregnant are two distinct things! Find out when you can expect that belly to grow.

Strange as it seems, this is likely to be the one time in your life that you look forward to gaining weight. So when will you really start to show? That depends on your size and whether you've been pregnant before. On average, women start to show around week 20 or so. It can be earlier for smaller, thinner women and later for larger, heavier women. Also, if you've had a baby before, you'll probably start to pop out in the next few weeks.

Even though you aren't showing yet, your body is definitely changing. You may be noticing that your pants are a little tighter around the waist. You may not have gained any weight, but organs in your abdomen are starting to shift around to make room for your baby's growth.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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