Pregnancy Skin Problems: Skin Darkening

A dermatologist sheds light on why nipples, underarms, and other places get darker during pregnancy.


You may notice darkening of your nipples, bellybutton, and armpits during pregnancy. That's completely normal. You're also gonna get a dark line that goes from your bellybutton to your pubic area. That's called the linea nigra and is also completely normal. The reason you're getting these darkenings is because you have more hormones during pregnancy which stimulate your cells to make more pigment. All this is normal and is gonna go way a few months after you deliver. You also might be noticing some under-eye circles that you didn't have before, and it's not due to sleepless nights. Actually it's due to the increase in pigment as I've already discussed, but also your relative anemia while you're pregnant. There's not much to do to prevent these except protect the delicate eye area from the sun by wearing sunglasses. Like so many other things in pregnancy, this too will get better after you deliver.

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